PM Imran Khan expresses dismay at lack of responsibility shown by people on COVID-19

ISLAMABAD : Prime Minister Imran Khan took to the micro-blogging website Twitter on Saturday saying that the people of Pakistan were not taking the dangerous threat of coronavirus seriously. The premier added that the government faced a three pronged dilemma where they risked rapid spread of the virus due to the irresponsible nature of the people, the other being the risk of life and contraction to frontline doctors and paramedics looking after coronavirus patients and thirdly the economic condition of the country which does not allow further lockdowns like the ones sought by the elites of the country who do not have to worry about making ends meet when it comes to finances.The tweet said: “This video shows the dilemma confronting our govt today: On the one hand we have the masses who are not taking the COVID19 pandemic seriously & on the other hand, understandably, we have our frontline doctors & health professionals, who are at great risk, & some of our elite…”A follow-up tweet read: “wanting a lockdown – the elite who have the privilege of spacious homes & income unaffected by fallout of lockdown. A lockdown means collapse of the economy & in poorer countries a steep rise in poverty, crushing the poor as happened in Modi’s lockdown in India. Only solution as…” The last of a three part tweet thread read: “world has discovered is smart lockdown which allows for economic activity with SOPs. We are amongst pioneers of this approach.I appeal to civil society, media, Ulema & our tiger force to create awareness amongst the public of COVID19’s severity & the need to strictly observe SOPs.”

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