PM has announced relief package for flood victims: Kh Asif

500 meters of Muzaffarabad-Hattian Bala-Chinari road washed away


CHOKOTI./SIALKOT (INP): Flood in river Jhelum washed away 500 meters of road between Muzaffarabad-Hattian Bala and Chinari suspending the movement of traffic for the third day running on Sunday. Muzaffarabad-Srinagar bus service has also been suspended for an indefinite period and people on both sides of the LoC are stuck up.


According to details, four union councils have been cut off from district headquarters Hattian Bala and people are facing extreme difficulties as shortage of food and other commodities is expected if traffic is not restored.


Reports said the road was eroded away by the gushing water as poor quality of material was used.


Reports say that trade between the two parts of Kashmir is also expected to be suspended due to damage to road network. If this was done, traders would suffer losses of millions of rupees.


Political and social circles have demanded the officials to take immediate steps to remove landslides on emergency basis and restore the traffic otherwise they would come on road and entire responsibility would be on the concerned officials.

Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Water & Power and Defence Khawaja Muhammad Asif has said that the government was assisting as much as it could to the rain and flood-affected victims.

Talking to media here on Sunday he said “I am in Sialkot to monitor the relief activities.”

He said heavy rain occurred in his constituency which was not forecast. He said people have suffered a lot and the government would extend them every possible help.

The minister said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited the flood hit areas of Sialkot and announced relief package for the victims.


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