PM directs Punjab govt to revert hike in flour price

ISLAMABAD : Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday while taking notice of increased flour price issued strict instructions to arrest hoarders or give them subsidy but ensure provision of floor on cheap rates to poor people. The prime minister while directing the Punjab government to take steps to reduce the prices of flour and said that the price of flour should be restored to its old level and strict action should be taken against the hoarders. On July 2, the Punjab government had approved a two-month interim policy to provide wheat at Rs1475 per maund to flour mills across the province. Sardar Usman Buzdar said that by reducing the price of flour, relief will be provided to the public. According to details, a meeting of the Punjab Cabinet was held under the chairmanship of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar in which it was decided to stabilize the prices of flour and the price of 20 kg bag of flour was fixed at Rs 850. With this, a 20 kg bag will now be available for Rs 850, instead of Rs 1,050, in the market. The provincial cabinet also approved the early release of wheat to the flour mills and fixed the price of government wheat at the rate of Rs1475 per maund. Flour Mills will fix the price of flour at the rate agreed with the Punjab government, this interim policy will stay in force for two months. The Punjab Food Department will give government wheat quota to functional flour mills only. The Punjab Cabinet has also sought a comprehensive plan from the Food Department for targeted subsidies. The food department will make its final recommendations within 30 days. Addressing the meeting, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said that prices of flour and wheat would be stabilized in an effort to provide relief to the people of Punjab

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