PM cannot be removed by force: Khursheed Shah

QUETTA: Opposition leader in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah said on Saturday that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif cannot be removed forcefully by unconstitutional process.   Speaking at a press conference here, Khursheed Shah said that though the PM disappointed the nation as he did not fulfill his promises but it does not mean that he should be removed forcefully. “Midterm elections can only be held if the PM resigns,” he said.   The opposition leader said the popularity graph of the prime minister has dropped significantly as the promises made to the people including ending load shedding, checking price hike and provision of jobs have not been fulfilled. He said everyone will have to speak truth as problems cannot be resolved by speaking lies.   Khursheed Shah pointed out that the country has a budget of four trillion rupees and four hundred billion are given on electricity subsidy. “We all will have to remain within the budgetary resources,” he said.   He said that the PPP took the issues of Balochistan first and it still raises voice for the people of the province. He pointed out that former president Asif Ali Zardari formed a committee under him in connection with the rights of Balochistan. He said the PPP took several steps including increase of Balochistan’s share in National Finance Commission Award and the provincial budget went up to Rs110 billion while a loan of Rs17 billion of the province was written off.   Criticizing the PTI and PAT, the opposition leader said that the sit-ins of the parties have damaged economy of the country and such protests can only lead towards dangerous conditions. “We are trying to save democracy, not Nawaz Sharif,” he added.   The opposition leader said that Imran and Qadri were giving hopes of resolution of people’s problems which they would not be able to fulfill. He said ground realities should be kept in mind. He said the entire world is looking towards Pakistan and the enemies do not want to see Pakistan as an economic power.  He regretted that Pakistan’s own people were indulging in conspiracies against the country.   The opposition leader said he does not blame Imran Khan and Qadri for working on foreign agendas but what they were doing was wrong. He said image of the country suffered due to Dharnas. He said the country is being surrounded from all directions and it was the duty of the politicians to create awareness among the people about the dangers. He said India was indulging in aggression on the border while the Army is engaged in operation against terrorists and in this situation, sit-ins are against the country’s interests.  INP

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