PM announces reduction in power tariff by Rs 2.32 per unit

inp 12-48PESHAWR: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has announced reduction in power tariff by two rupees thirty-two paisa per unit.
Talking to media in Peshawar on Friday Dec 12, he said that provision of cheaper electricity to the general public is top priority of the government and it wants to provide relief to the masses.
He said that due to the cheaper electricity there will be a substantial decrease in the inflation and the industrial production will increase. He said this initiative will also help reduce unemployment in the country. He said the farmers will directly benefit from the decrease in the prices of electricity and petroleum products. The Prime Minister expressed the hope that the petroleum prices will further be reduced next month. He said the work on Pakistan-Iran Gas Pipeline will be started soon and under this project pipeline will be laid from Gwadar to Nawabshah.
He said work on a number of energy projects is underway and the completion of these will help end loadshedding in the country. He said it is their effort to overcome the energy crisis during their tenure of government.
The PM said it is their priority to generate cheap electricity on rapid pace, rectify the transmission lines, lay gas pipelines, end the theft of electricity and corruption. DNA

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