Peshawar carnage has shaken and united the nation: Ishrat ul Ibad

KARACHI, Dec 25 (INP): The Peshawar carnage has shaken up and united the whole nation according to Governer Sindh Dr.Ishrat ul Ibad.

In an address at the inauguration ceremony of Dawood University’s Institute of Health Management, the governor said that earlier due to difference of opinion the nation was unable to support the army wholeheartedly but this incident has united all and given them courage to finally get rid of terrorism.

In reference to the occasion he said higher medical education was necessary in providing better medical facilities as Dawood University prepares to perform its first liver transplant next year.

He also applauded the Christian community for celebrating Christmas with simplicity due to the horrific Peshawar incident.

He further said that the country was going through a difficult phase and the menace of terrorism has effected the whole country.

He concluded by saying that the nation was confused in the fight against terrorism due to difference in opinion but all that has suddenly changed because of the Peshawar carnage.

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