Peshawar Badaber attack: 29 personnel martyred, 13 terrorists killed


PESHAWAR/ISLAMABAD: Terrorists attacked a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) camp in Badaber area and killed 15 worshipers offering prayers inside a mosque, the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) said.

According to details the number of casualties was confirmed at 29, of which 15 were martyred in the mosque, 7 while performing ablution in the barracks next to the mosque, 3 including one officer embraced martyrdom while fighting the terrorists and 4 civilians employed at the base also met their maker.

“Terrorists entered the camp at 2 points and further split in into sub groups. The encounter began immediately due to quick response. The terrorists were contained within a close area. Meanwhile a group rushed to the mosque and martyred 15 Namazis offering prayers,” said DG ISPR Maj-Gen Asim Bajwa in tweets.

He said that 13 terrorists were surrounded and killed by security forces. The attackers were clad in Frontier Constabulary (FC) uniforms, he said.

The DG ISPR added that Captain Isfandyar Bukhari embraced martyrdom while fighting valiantly and leading his troops from the front.

A spokesman for the Pakistan Air Force said that three junior technicians Shan Ali, Saqib Javaid and Tariq Abbass also embraced martyrdom while fighting the attackers, killing five terrorists.

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