PESCO arrest 14 for stealing electricity through direct hooks, recover fine of Rs 3 lacs

PESHAWAR: Fourteen persons were arrested and Rs. three lacs recovered as fine on using direct hooks in Pesco Warsak-II sub division Peshawar jurisdiction. FM-94 Delber Radio was caught Red Handed using Direct Connection by combined raid of FIA & Pesco and its manager was arrested.
According to details, during the campaign to curb the power pilferage, Pesco’s Checking Teams with the collaboration of Pesco Police, nabbed 14 more persons using direct hooks. Under the supervision of SDO Pesco Warsak-II sub division Nadar Wali, teams checked the areas of Shaheedabad, Faqirabad, Pajjagi Road, Tehkal Payan and nabbed 14 persons using direct hooks. FIRs have been lodged and they have been arrested by the police. An amount of Rs.3,20,000/- has also been recovered from defaulters during the campaign. The names of the arrested persons are: Rehmat Khan S/o Wazir Gul, Azad Gul S/o Rasool Khan,Islam S/o Azam Khan, Irfan S/o Rehim Gul, Nawab Gul S/o Abdul Hameed, Abdullah Shah S/o Namatullah Shah, Gul Akhtar S/o Noor Akbar, Imran S/o Saif, Shafiq S/o Haji Khan, Tahir Khan S/o Tariq, Khairun Nabbi S/o Sanober, Eain Khan S/o Aman Khan, Ibrahim S/o Zaman Khan, Khan Wali S/o Gul Wali and Farid Ullah S/o Adam Khan.
Similarly in an other raid conducted by FIA and Pesco jointly at FM-94 Delber Radio, at Shah Mansoor Swabi and found Direct Connection in the premises. FIR has been lodged in the concerned police station against Manager Mubarak Jan and Owner Akhtar Hussain Shah has been arrested. Assessment Charges bill has also been served to deposit immediately.
PESCO has once again warned electricity stealers to stop power pilferage in the larger interest of the nation, due to which PESCO has to suffer huge financial & line losses on the one hand and on the other hand PESCO’s whole distribution system gets over loaded and the general public faces inconvenience of frequent power break downs.

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