People in Chitral’s Wakhi , Broghul valleys still living in Stone Age

CHITRAL (INP): People of the most remote and backward valleys of Wakhi and Broghul situated on Tajikistan Border, some 300 KM from Chitral are still living in Stone Age as there is no electricity, no road and no other facilities of modern age.

Most of the people have not seen any vehicle because   there is no road in the border areas and mostly they travel only on horse and donkey or Yak.

A Correspondent for the INP who had a chance to visit the valleys said there is extreme poverty and vast majority was living below poverty line. Most of the people have not seen even Chitral town as there are no means of transport and the people are living near Afghanistan border of Wakhan strip and Tajikistan

The major passes which connect Chitral with Centra Asia through the Wakhan corridor in Afghanistan is the famous Darwaz Pass (known as Dawazgai). The two regions,   Broghul in Pakistan and Wakhan in Afghanistan are naturally twined with each other. The border town of Afghanistan is just 12 Kilometers away from the Broghul valley. This is encouraging that this remote valley of Broghul is now accessible through a jeep able road to Chitral scouts post (cantonment).

The valley contains rich cultural heritage. It has folklores and stories of bravery being passed on from generation to generations by their ancestors. There are also some other relics and remnants of the oldest civilizations of the area which are a major source of interest for the people who want to pursue research on archaeological and cultural heritage.

School going age children are earning their livelihood by giving a horse to tourists for riding while these children travel by feet guiding the way to horse and tourists.

Our correspondent visited Chikar village which is totally deprived from all basic facilities. There is no hospital, school, road or any other thing. Some girls students of 7th class said that we travel by feet for more than 2 hours from one side to reach a private school for Boys but we are compelled to sit among boys and read there.

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