Peak flood passes at Head Trimmu; leaves trail of devastation in Jhang

Flood affecteeHit Multan, Kot Mittan hard;80,000 acres of cropped land submerged in Chiniot.

MULTAN/JHANG: While Trimmu head works was saved from the discharge of peak flood, more than 350 villages in Jhang district were flooded with water by breaches made at two places in Athari Hazari bund leaving trail of destruction behind. As the water moved further south, water level is increasing at Panjnad where its level has reached 116,000 cusecs and flooding areas in Mittan Kot and 150 villages in Multan district.

According to reports, the Trimmu head works safely discharged 650,000 cusecs of water on Wednesday-Thursday night and the water level started receding slowly. On Thursday afternoon, the water discharge was 590,000 cusecs. Three people have been reported killed in Jhang and nine in Chiniot. Two lakh ten thousand acres of land has come under water in Jhang. One hundred and thirty two villages have been affected and more than 80,000 acres of cropped land is under water in Chiniot. The water has been spread so wide and long that it is difficult to differentiate between the river bed and the fields.

Affected people in Jhang have complained that they are without relief and even do not have drinking water. In interviews, people at the Jhang Relief camp said that they have been provided tents but there is nothing else. They blamed that those distributing food were doing so among people of their choice.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had an aerial view of Trimmu on Thursday and the affected areas.

Reports say that the flood water has started hitting Mittan Kot and Multan. One hundred and fifty villages have been submerged under water. Shujaabad has also been affected by floods where so far ten villages are under water and one thousand acres of cotton crop has been destroyed. Reports say that eight lakh cusecs of water will pass through Shujaabad and more areas are certain to see devastation.

In Chichawatni hundreds of acres of cropped land have come under water due to breach in protective bund at East Sial Jhangi.NNI

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