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Peaceful commemoration of Ashura

It is a good omen that due to the efficient performance of law enforcing agencies commemoration of Ashura passed off across the country without any infamous incident. Considering the recent history, terrorists remain in search of soft targets, particularly public gatherings for their heinous activities.  In Muharram, particularly on 10th, thousands of people gather for mourning assemblies and processions in cities and towns across Pakistan. In previous years, in some occasions, terrorists were able to target the massive gatherings resulted in number of deaths. Securing this annual religious observation and providing them security is a big success of law enforcing authorities. Security administration including police, paramilitary personnel and army in some areas remained on their toes to avert any unwanted incident.

Considering the threats cellular services remained suspended in most parts of the country, but this move of government was making sense considering the threats of terrorists. Various terrorist organizations particularly sectarian ones were involved in targeting religious gatherings and places of worship; therefore, it was need of time to suspend mobile services to minimize threats of terrorism.

Excellent job done by maintaining peace all over the country but administration needs to remain vigilant. Because major public gathering concluded with Ashura but still small scale religious gatherings will continue until procession of chechlum takes place. In cities or populated areas intelligence based operations are the best way to ensure security of public gatherings by busting militant cells before they can carry out any act of violence.

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