Peace not possible without wide-ranging changes

Patriot Report 

After Karachi it is Lahore that has hit the headlines, sadly not for the good reason. Pakistan is witnessing the worst kind of terror and the ruling coterie, prima-facie lacks the acumen require to steer this country out of the woods. Peace is the indispensable requirement of Pakistan today. Without a peaceful is hard to achieve any sort of economic prosperity and social order. Peace must be our top priority, without peace no economic project or any plan for social reform can succeed. The Government has a very important role for creating a peaceful environment for its citizens but the common folks must also stand up and take initiative to bring a positive change. The only way left is that intellect of the society should come forward and find the way out .A moment has to be started from within the society of spreading a culture of tolerance, harmony and dialogue. Politicians are of the view that there needs to be a thorough change in policy when it comes to tackling the problem of intolerance and extremism in the society.

Political parties, media religious leaders, educationists, professionals from every spectrum of life and social reformers must stand up and streamline their efforts towards achieving a society where values like mutual understanding and harmony are the core strengths. This is only possible when everyone starts playing their role, politicians must rise above petty politics and focus their energies for the betterment of the society, infighting among politicians must end, this has gone on for far too long. An educated political workforce must be developed, teaching of Quran and Sunnah must be inculcated in political workers and leaders alike. Similarly media has a vital role when it comes to promoting peace in society, so far our media has completely failed to achieve this, instead the media for now is fixated on getting better ratings, the greater good of the society is not even on the agenda. Media has become a source of hatred; media should better monitor its content. The norms of our society should always be respected and the media should help in creating awareness not only on political issues but to a great extent on social issues, an educated rational discourse must be developed.

Religious leaders, educations should also focus their energies on educating the masses, social values, peace, harmony and mutual understanding and respect must be developed. Our country is blessed with enormous resources by taking an initiate that focuses on social justice, social ethics and a culture of respect for our norms and most importantly by following the teachings of Islam we can promote peace in Pakistan. The continuation of democracy and strengthening of institute will soon bear fruits, and once our country overcomes the monster of intolerance our society will achieve what it lacks, social justice, peace, mutual respect and the basic rights that every citizen must have.

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