PCB spending billions yet the “Milestone” not achieved

PCBStaff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has spent more than 4billion including around 50 million on development of cricket in Pakistan during past two year. According to details PCB has spent more than 4 billion on domestic and foreign tours and other arrangements in past two years. A document available with Daily The Patriot unwrapped that PCB has spend 428.387 million rupees on domestic and foreign trips in 2013 and 2014. In year 2013 the amount of 226.118 million rupees was spend while in 2014 the total of 202.269million rupees incurred on domestic and foreign tours, organizing tournaments, team development, administrative and other expenses. The amount spend on development of cricket is 33.9million and 29.5million in year 2013-14 respectively. The below average performance of green shirts in Cricket World Cup 2015 opener against India once again put PCB under spotlight of critics as according to cricket experts the board with all the postulated facilities at their disposal have failed to provide the meliorate combination for Pakistan to compete in world cup 2015. Despite commitments made by Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Shaharyar Muhammad Khan over the stream steps taken and standard operating procedures adopted by the cricket board to ensure security for restoration of International cricket in Pakistan once again that was clogged after attack on Sri Lankan team in 2009, The Board has failed as legion attempts to convince any ranked team to visit and play the series with team Pakistan were made but because of politics within the management the motives remain unattended. Cricket experts are converted that defective performance of Pakistan team is linked with maverick behavior of PCB.

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