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Patriotism needs much more

For the Independence Day celebrations people have for a moment forgotten the entire turbulence the country has been going through from last few years. Our Independence Day is much more than mere celebrations. The Pakistani nation is aware of the struggle and sacrifices of our forefathers in making this homeland a reality. It was no mean probable to attain Independence against all the odds that made it seem impossible at the time but our forefathers not only believed in the beauty of their dreams but also strived hard to achieve that dream. They made enormous efforts, great sacrifices and devoted their whole lives to make Pakistan a reality. Today, the average Pakistani’s life is far from ideal and he has to face many hardships each day battling poverty, energy crises, inflation, unemployment, feudalism, health woes, terrorism and countless other problems. At this critical moment the Pakistani leadership should think in a more rational way as on one side we are fighting the war against militancy while on another we are facing multifarious problems; political, social, economic, religious and security issues . A nation is made by its institutions. The present scenario of the country where all the institutions are involved in the name calling of each other has deteriorated the ongoing development process of the country. On the last working day Pakistan Stock Exchange was down by 357.29 points. The market that has been turned in red is just to name a few post reactions of the recent political chaos. It isn’t the internal turmoil but the dwindling political stability also worsens the condition of Pakistani nationals living all around the world. The patriotic sentiments that are portrayed on August 14 need to be depicted the entire year. What we need is a national consensus for political stability and sense of national coherence. All Pakistanis must show respect to the day of independence especially the present government of Pakistan and political parties. The people of Pakistan have become sandwich in the political tug of war and an impasse among parties, provinces and the national leadership. May Allah pertain peace in Pakistan!

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