PAT will not accept elections under present poll body: Qadri

Px24-053HARIPUR, 24 OCT (DNA) – Pakistan Awami Tahreek Chief Dr Tahirul Qadri said on Friday that he would not accept polls under the supervision of existing election commission. Addressing participants of the sit-in in Haripur, the PAT chief asked the members of election commission to resign and go home.

“Millions of Pakistanis are against this system and they want to replace it with a system which could truly fulfill their needs and end miseries.” He said the Islamabad sit-in has not been ended but it is being expanded throughout the country. The PAT chief said that he ended his 70-day Islamabad sit-in to transform it into a countrywide movement against the government.

“I have not ended the Islamabad sit-in, rather I spread it across the country,” he said. He claimed that there is no deal with the government about the Model Town incident and reiterated that Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shehbaz Sharif and the government of Punjab are responsible for the incident which claimed fourteen lives.

He said that had fourteen people died somewhere else, the Prime Minister would have resigned. The PAT chief said that his “Inquilab sit-ins” would continue till all the culprits involved in Model Town tragedy would be brought to justice.

“Had such incidents occurred in any democratic country, the ruler would have resigned,” Qadri said. He reiterated that no blood money would be accepted for the victims of Model Town tragedy.

Criticizing the Punjab government, Qadri said that he had to stage-sit in for months to get the case registered of Model Town tragedy that left at least 14 people dead. The PAT chief further said that the Punjab government is responsible for the Model Town tragedy.

“Today’s sit-in in Haripur is a ‘symbolic funeral’ of status quo and soon the nation would witness the ‘real funeral’ of the government,” Qadri said. He commended the participation of the people of Haripur in his sit-in on the notice of fifteen hours.

Qadri alleged that the gov’t has installed new meters which run at least 30-35 per cent faster than the old ones and that the companies can adjust their speed according to their needs. He blamed the government for having no regard for the miseries of the masses.

Dr Tahirul Qadri Friday vowed a new ‘Hazara Province’ would be created in Khyber Pakhrunkhwa when his party would come in power. “Our government will make a new ‘Hazara province’ in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” Qadri said. DNA

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