Paris attacks: Meet the Muslim restaurant worker who saved two women


Web desk: A Muslim restaurant worker saved the lives of two injured women during the deadly Paris attacks on Friday that left atleast 129 dead and over 350 injured.

Recalling the night of terror, Safer, a Muslim of Algerian origin, said he was at work at the Casa Nostra restaurant in Paris when the attacks started.

“I was at the counter. We heard explosions – really loud bangs. Everyone started screaming, glass rained down on us. It was awful. There was glass all over the place, hitting us in our faces,” he said.

It was then that Safer saw two injured women outside the restaurant. “I saw two women out on the terrace had been hit. One in the wrist and in the other in the shoulder. They were bleeding really badly.”

Putting his own life in danger, Safer decided to help the injured women and ran outside to the  women when the firing paused briefly and brought them inside the restaurant.

“I picked them up and rushed them downstairs to the basement. I sat with them and tried to stop the bleeding,” Safer said.

Recounting the horrors of that night, he said, “As we were downstairs, we could hear the gunfire continuing above. It was terrifying.”

As frightening as it was, they realized that they had in fact escaped much worse.

“When we came out we saw bodies in the street. So many were injured.”

Courtesy BBC

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