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Parachinar tragedy: Protest by bereaved of victims continues for sixth day

PARACHINAR: The relatives of those martyred in the Parachinar bombings continued the protest for the sixth day on Wednesday, warning that the demonstration would continue till those in authority arrive to hear the grievances of the bereaved.

The relatives of the deceased have put forth the demand that Chief of Army Staff, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar and other high-level officials should visit the area. The business centres of the Turi Bazaar were closed down since the terrorist attack. The tribal leaders of the community said that the Bangash tribe is being targeted by terrorists.

Until the approval of demands, the protest would continue, added the protesting members of the community. At least 72 people were martyred and over 300 injured after two successive blasts rocked a densely populated area of Parachinar in Kurram Agency on Friday evening. The bombings occurred as people were busy shopping for Iftar and Eid in the Turi Bazaar area, close to a crowded bus terminal in Parachinar. The second blast took place as people rushed to provide aid and rescue the wounded from the first explosion.


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