Pandora’s box of PTI and some crunch questions

Development of the last two days in the benches of PTI has created another debate among the political analysts as the Chairman and President of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf have distanced each other amidst the accusations. On Sunday, Javed Hashmi elected President of the party accused the Chairman of PTI to issue order to the protesters to move towards the PM house late Saturday night by breaking his pledge and violating the decision of the core committee.

Javed Hashmi said “This kind of behaviour is not seen in any country in the world, where people pick up sticks and protest outside the PM House,”. It seems that the process of putting allegations is not going to stop as on Monday Hashmi while putting serious allegations on Imran Khan,  he claimed  that Imran Khan believed that he could not move forward without the army. He maintained that Imran Khan also said that all the matters had been decided and there will be elections in September,” Javed Hashmi claimed it seems that everything had been planned in advance. Hashmi further said that ‘a hijacked PTI has come here’. “We have been held hostage”. Javed Hashmi said he is still the President of PTI, as Imran Khan did not follow the provisions of the ‘constitution’ in sacking him. “Imran Khan should have gone through the party’s constitution first.” Imran came here with a plan. Who’s plan? I don’t know,” Hashmi said. He also reserved harsh words for Sheikh Rasheed, not a PTI member, but a regular feature alongside Imran Khan throughout the protests. “The entire core committee told Khan Sahib, that Sheikh Rasheed will ruin you, but you didn’t listen,” said Hashmi while questioning Sheikh Rasheed’s role in PTI and the march.

While answering the allegations Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf during his address to the protesters he showed his extreme displeasure over the acts of Javed Hashmi and brushed aside all the allegations placed on him and he distanced himself from Hashmi while saying now their paths are different.

Situation is very complex for the followers of the PTI which arises some crunch questions for both the top-heads of the party. First of all, if Javed Hashmi was aware that something fishy is going on then why did he keep silent for so long and why did he not announce his displeasure and ultimately why did he not resign from the Presidentship of the party?

Hashmi has said a lot,  what is he waiting for to reveal the Tasneem Norani report, a commission formed to find the flaws in the party polls? If Hashmi was aware that a third force is motivating the policy making of the PTI , then why did it  take  more than two weeks to raise his voice?

Imran khan should also keep in his mind that he is determined for the rule of law and justice than how  can he sack or throw Hashmi away from the party whilst addressing to the masses, was it the way to deal with the matter? PTI has a party constitution, shouldn’t leader Imran Khan discuss the matter with the core committee of his party before sacking the President of the party? It was a dictatorial act of a leader who is struggling against the dictatorship of other political parties. What sort of  political struggle is this, in which politicians like Jahangir Tareen and Sheikh Rasheed are welcomed and a seasoned politician like Hashmi is not?




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