Palestine and the myth of barren land

By Asif Mehmood

There are many myths associates with the foreign policy of Israel. For a profound understanding of these myths one must go through the “Founding myths of Israeli foreign policy” authored by Roger Garaudy.

Garaudy was deputy speaker of the National assembly of France. He is one of the leading Marxist of France. Israel has been his area of interest in research and he has authored three leading books on the subject. First was “A case of Israel”, the second was “A study of political Zionism” and the third was “The founding myths of the Israeli policy”. This third one jolted the intellectual foundations of pro Israel west. Rest is the history and what happened to Garaudy after that.

Garaudy has shattered many myths and the one among others is: Palestine was a barren land. This myth has been bandied about with abandon that Israel has not expelled Arabs from their land. Instead it was a barren land and no wrong has been done to anyone.  Golda Meir repeatedly said: “There is no such thing as Palestinian people ….It is not as if we came and threw them out. They did not exist”.

To justify this narrative an unprecedented brutality was shown by Israel. On page 102 of the book, Garaudy writes: “The Human Rights League of Israel reveals that between June 1967 and 15 November, more than 20000 Arab houses were dynamited in Gaza and the West Bank. To wipe out even the memory of the Palestinian rural population and to give truth to the myth of deserted country Arab villages were destroyed”

For a more profound understanding of the matter this statement of Yossef Weitz, the then Director, National Jewish fund, shall suffice “It should be clear for us that there is no room for two people in this country. If the Arabs leave it, there will be enough for us. There is nothing else to do but to remove them all; we must not leave single village, a single tribe”.

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