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Pakistan to revamp its foreign policy: Khawaja Asif

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will revamp its foreign policy in according with the guidelines of our agenda and government won’t compromise on Pakistan’s integrity at any cost.

Foreign minister Khawaja Asif, while addressing a Senate session said that the US should take action to show its support to Pakistan. We won’t compromise on Pakistan’s integrity at any cost.

Asif stated that we have told the US that Pakistan don’t want verbal support but US should provide us with actionable intelligence.

While referring to the Pak-US relations, Asif said that will not accept international pressure on foreign policy. Pakistan will prioritize its national interests while devising a foreign policy. We have to act fast to deal with the changes occurring in the Asia.

The minister said that Pakistan had pointed out the failure of the American forces in Afghanistan but we will cooperate with Washington.

He said that Pakistan and US are finding same page to resolve Afghan issue. He lashed out at US, saying that the behavior of US is unacceptable for Pakistan. “Pakistan will utilise platform of SCO,” he added.


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