Pakistan Railways completely supports CPEC: Sheikhs Rasheed

September 11, 2018

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad held a meeting with DG China Railway Group Ltd. (CREC) Xhiang Zhinim at Ministry of Railways on Tuesday.

CREC showed interest in mutual cooperation for improving Pakistan Railways. Federal Minister admired the eternal friendship between Pakistan and China.

He further added, “Pakistan Railways and we completely support CPEC”Chinese help is also needed in completing ML I projects.

He further added that Prime Minister Imran Khan has zero tolerance for corruption. The meeting was also attended by Javed Anwar, Chairman Ministry of Railways, Aftab Akbar, CEO Pakistan Railways, Zubair Taimoor Ghilzai, Secretary Railway Board and Maryam Gillani, DG Operations. NNI