Pakistan not to be part of arms race, decides National Command Authority


ISLAMABAD: PM Nawaz Sharif expressed determination at the National Command Authority Conference to not to engage in arms race on Wednesday.

The participants of the conference were briefed on nuclear command and control structure and nuclear assets in a meeting presided by the PM. The participants expressed satisfaction at the security measures taken to secure the nuclear assets.

It was decided in the meeting that an arms race should be discouraged but preparations will be made to counter conventional imbalances adding that no stone will be left unturned to preserve the national security of the country. Peace and stability in South East Asia is a vital part of Pakistan’s policy in the region, it was told during the conference. Acquisition of civil nuclear technology to counter energy crisis was also debated and it was agreed that such technology should be acquired. It was demanded during the meeting that Pakistan’s name should be added to nuclear suppliers list as Pakistan had met all the requirements for acquiring civil nuclear technology. Expressing satisfaction at the steps taken to abide by non-nuclear proliferation treaty, it was said that Pakistan is a mainstream partner of the treaty. The participants of the conference praised the sacrifices of the armed forces during the ongoing operation Zarb-e-Azb.

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