Pakistan not aimed at acquiring land piece but to establish welfare state: Dr Amjad

ISLAMABAD, Dec 25 (INP): Secretary General (SG) All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Dr Amjad has said that creation of Pakistan was not aimed at acquiring a piece of land for Muslims of subcontinent but establishing a public welfare state where Muslim can lead lives at their own will.

He stated this on the occasion of simple but dignified ceremony organized to mark the 138th birth anniversary of father of nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Christmas to express solidarity with Christian community of the country.

Dr Amjad said that Qauid-e-Azam wanted to establish a public welfare state in form of Pakistan where masses will rule, where women will enjoy equal rights, where self respect of each and every citizen will be protected and where minorities will enjoy all basic rights as independent citizens of the state.

The APML SG said that it was matter of grave concern that despite passage of 67 years we have succeeded to fulfill the dreams of founder of the country and we are divided in sects today instead of uniting for national cause. Dr Amjad said that law and order situation in country was unsatisfactory as every countrymen fears threat to his life and property and an atmosphere of uncertainty prevails everywhere across the country.

He said that peace if mandatory for development and progress and we can’t compete with developed nations of the world without wiping out militancy from the country and ensuring unity in our ranks.

The AMPL leader said that today Taliban militants in the name of Islam and Shariah wanted to destroy the country and they even target sacred places, schools and kill innocent people and security personnel. INP

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