Pakistan finally brings UN, world community out of deep slumber

PM Nawaz Sharif not only stunned the world community but also left his critics wandering by raising the core issue of Kashmir in his speech at United Nations.

Reiterating Pakistan’s commitment to finding a just and peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute in accordance with relevant UNSC Resolutions and aspiration of Kashmiri people, PM Nawaz Sharif have clearly told the world community that everlasting peace in the region depends on the resolution of Kashmir issue. No doubt the speech was totally based on the ground realities. The Kashmiris are fighting for their right to plebiscite for long and so far nearly 95, 000 including women, youth; elderly people even children have been martyred by the Indian occupied forces. But despite use of inhuman and brutal force, the Indian forces could not suppress the voice for freedom. Indian forces are continuously busy in carrying out genocide of Kashmiris systematically. The United Nations that represents over 158 countries has failed miserable to compel New Dehli to resolve the issue as per the aspirations of the Kashmiris. Pakistan has always raised its voice for abuse of human rights by the Indian occupied forces at every forum. His speech has been widely hailed by the Hurriyet Conference as well other parties struggling for the right to self plebiscite in held Kashmir.


The majority of the Kashmiri leadership in held valley was satisfied over the stance taken by the PM Nawaz Sharif. They said that Nawaz Sharif has rightly pleaded Kashmir dispute in the General Assembly. Terming it an international dispute acknowledged by the United Nations which had passed over 18 resolutions for the peaceful resolution of the core issue of Kashmir, the Pakistani leadership has proven once again that it is serious to resolve the issue.

It was a historic moment when the Secretary General, United Nations after keeping mum over the issue for long, finally broke his silence by offering to play a role if requested by both Pakistan and India in resolving the Kashmir dispute. Ban Ki Moonm after having meeting with PM Nawaz Sharif, told I have long expressed my hope that the issues be addressed through dialogue. But India never showed any flexibility in its stance when it comes to the resolution of the core issue through dialogues. It is the duty of the world community to pressurize Indian leadership to realize the ground reality in held Kashmir and settle the dispute through tripartite dialogue between Pakistan, India and the true representatives of Kashmiris. Indian can not ignore the Kashmiri leadership in holding the dialogue on the very issue as they are the major stakeholder. It was really a matter of shame for the Indian leadership who missed the opportunities by canceling the foreign secretary level dialogues with Pakistan. The peace can not be prevailed in the region without resolution of the core issue. Both countries have fought wars on the very issue but matter remained unsettled. While Islamabad always keep pressing India to let Hurryet and other Kashmiri leaders joined the dialogue process, the Indian Prime Minister Moodi is in mood to hold any dialogue on the issue claiming that the AJK valley is also disputed. The Indian leaders like Zionists appeared to be left free to continue their killing spree against the Muslims who are struggling for freedom. Unfortunately the UN resolutions were not implemented despite the passage of more than six decades. The world community had also recognized that no durable solution of the Kashmir dispute could be sorted out against the will and aspirations of Kashmiri people. UN resolutions or the tripartite talks were the best options for permanent settlement of the dispute.

The Indian prime minister Modi who has been involved in the killing of thousands of Muslims in Gujrat during his tenure as CM, now wanted to conditionalise the dialogue with trade. He seems more interested for trade rather than making peace with Pakistan who is morally supporting the just cause of the Kashmiris who have refused to live under the illegal occupation of Indian forces. Despite the presence of over eight lac Indian forces personnel, the Delhi could not suppress the struggle of Kashmiris.

Responding to the PM Nawaz Sharif’s call the Indian Prime Minister Narerndra Modi expressed his willingness to restart the dialogue process but keeps conditionilising it with new demands that are not acceptable to Kashmiris who have been waging jihad to get rid of the foreign occupation. Narendra Modi apparently in response to PM Nawaz speech,

appeared to be more interested in helping the flood victims and taking advantage of the devastation left by the floods in the region, he termed Jammu and Kashmir as full-fledged

Indian state. This shows how the Indians consider the core issue. Pakistan has always termed held Kashmir as its jugular vein and made it clear to New Delhi that it has to resolve the issues through dialogue as wars haven’t brought any comfort for the stakeholders.


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