Pakistan defeat India 101-7 in Australian Football League

MELBOURNE: Pakistan lifted the ‘Dosti Cup’ after defeating India 101-7 in a friendly-match of Australian Football on Saturday, the Press Trust of India reported.

The first-ever meeting of Australian Football League (AFL) teams of both countries was one of the highlights of the 2014 International Cup.

All Pakistani team players were Melbourne based whereas India flew in a team of 15 AFL players to play five matches.

Dignitaries from both country’s consulates and leaders of both communities were invited to witness the match.

This was the first time Pakistani team had participated, while India had participated in previous years as well.

The scoreboard ran as follows:

Qtr Time – Pakistan 3.6 (24) led India 0.0 (0)

Half Time – Pakistan 9.7 (61) led India 0.1 (1)

Three Qtr Time – Pakistan 11.13 (79) led India 0.1 (1)

Final – Pakistan 14.17 (101) defeated India 1.1 (7)

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