Pak-Turkey bilateral Naval Exercise concludes at North Arabian Sea


KARACHI: A bilateral naval exercise between Pakistan and Turkish Naval forces concluded at North Arabian Sea. The exercise comprising of harbour and sea phases covered the entire spectrum of naval operations in surface, sub-surface and air warfare domains. In addition, an exclusive exercise between the Special Operations Forces of both the navies was concurrently conducted at Karachi. The exercise has provided both navies an opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences, further refine warfare tactics and enhance capabilities to fight asymmetric threats.

Leveraging the long standing friendly relations, Armed Forces of both the countries in general and navies in particular have always galvanized their efforts to continually improve the level of coordination and mutual cooperation in training matters. The deep rooted naval collaboration has become even more important in present times where combined naval operations are becoming a bastion for stability in maritime domain.

The exercise has laid a solid foundation for future bilateral advance maritime exercises between the two friendly Naval Forces.


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