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Pak plane prevented from landing in KSA

RIYADH: The Saudi Civil Aviation Authority  refused permission to a Pakistani  civilian aircraft as it did not have an entry permit to the Kingdom’s airspace. As a normal precautionary safety measure, the GACA sent back a Boeing 767 aircraft owned by Shaheen Air in Pakistan before it entered Saudi airspace because it lacked the necessary permit.

“The airline had applied for the permit but it was rejected because of reasons related to safety and also because the aircraft did not fulfill international flight regulations. The plane carrying Jordanian registration and leased by Shaheen Air, is barred from flying to Europe,” the GACA said.

It added that since the safety of Saudi airspace and commitments to safety standards are GACA’s top priorities, it will not permit any kind of omission in this regard.

The GACA also affirmed that no operator should fly an aircraft to a country without applying for and getting permission in advance to remain in line with relevant international regulations and standards.


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