Pak-China partners for peace & development in Asia: Mushahid

ISLAMABAD (INP): Chairman Pakistan-China Institute, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed has said that the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor is of immense importance for the revival of Pakistan’s economy, resolution of energy crisis and strengthening the Federation through development and infrastructure.

He stated this while talking to a three-member delegation of Chinese journalists comprising Mr. Du Haitao, Ms. Wang Jue and Mr. Yang Xun which called on him here on Tuesday.

Mushahid said, “After World War II, we saw a world dominated by Western powers but with this 21st century, the balance of economic, cultural and political power is shifting from the West to Asia, with the peaceful rise of China as a pillar of strength for Asian countries, particularly Pakistan’.

He said a Greater South Asia, is now emerging which includes China, Myanmar, Iran and Afghanistan, this Greater South Asia is being woven together by cooperation in economy, energy, roads, rails, ports and pipelines, adding that the emergence of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, with an outlay of $ 100 billion, would be an Asian alternative to the Western financial system.

Senator Mushahid Hussain said relations with China were a factor of national unity in Pakistan since all political parties and provinces supported it, while Pakistan has always backed China in its ‘core interests’ including China’s unity and territorial integrity, leading role of the Communist Party in China, China’s peaceful rise and issues like Taiwan, Tibet and terrorism in Xinjiang and strongly opposes any policy of ‘containment of China’ as Asia cannot afford a New Cold War.

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