One plane three versions: The experience rocks

The federal minister admits the PIA plane is missing. He tells the Senate of Pakistan that a committee has been formed to probe the matter but it has found to clue. The PIA spokesman revels an altogether different story. He says “It’s not missing. It’s in Germany.” He also puts forth an intriguing narration. He says that the plane had been chartered by a British company for a movie in Malta. Following that the aircraft was flown to Germany.The plane had already completed its flying hours and was no longer airworthy. It’s a 30-year-old aircraft and had already been grounded.” The relevant ministry comes with another story. It states that the missing plane was taken to Germany by the former CEO whose name was put on ECL.

Now we have three versions from the concerned authorities. I wonder who to believe. An ordinary citizen is grappled with many troubling questions.

What is the secret behind these contradictory statements? Is it an attempt to hide some facts under the carpets?
The minster says that the committee has not found any clue. The question is : Why did it fail in digging the matter out? Had it contacted the PIA officials to know what actually happened? Does it mean that at PIA officials refused to cooperate with the committee? Who were the members of it? How many people have they questioned so far? If Pia officials know that the plane is in Germany how can we swallow this bitter pill of excuse that the committee had not found any clue?
Had the PIA adopted any procedure before declaring that the plane is scrap now? Is it possible that a British company has hired a plane that was about to be grounded?
Senator salim mandvivala has said that the plane was sold at the price of only 63 lac. Is it true? How can we accept the plane’s market value was less than even a Land cruiser jeep?
And the last one: is there any institution that can place the culprits in the dock?

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