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OIC reaffirms support for Kashmiris right to self-determination

ISLAMABAD, Aug 6 (INP): The Secretary General of the Organisation of Islamic Confrence (OIC) Iyad Abdullah Ameen Madni expressing unequivocal support for the right to the self-determination of Kashmiri people has underlined the need of a political solution to the issue in accordance with the wishes of the Kashmiris.

Speaking at a reception hosted by the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed at Kashmir House in Islamabad Mr Madni emphatically stated that Kashmiris were the basic party to Kashmir dispute and they should be given right to decide their fate in accordance with the United Nations resolutions.

He regretted that while India supported the right to self-determination for Crimea it had closed its eyes to a similar demand in occupied Kashmir. The OIC has always supported and will continue to support the right to self-determination of Kashmiri people. We are in contact with non-member countries as well to garner maximum support for the cause of Kashmiris he said.

He called upon India to respect human rights in Kashmir as a responsible member of the comity of nations and grant Kashmiris right to self-determination the way it advocated the same for others.

He recalled that the OIC foreign ministers had also reaffirmed their support to the right to self-determination of Kashmiris in their previous meeting. It is our commitment to support the cause of Kashmiris ceaselessly and that commitment will not wane until they achieve their right he added.

Pointing out that Kashmir was still a pending issue on the UN agenda Mr Madni underscored the need of a continuous political process and effective efforts to keep it alive and ultimately get it resolved. The OIC secretary general expressed the hope that India would initiate political process on Kashmir and leadership of both countries would advance it for the settlement of lingering issue.



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