Nuisance worth 50 billion

The Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro project worth 50 billion which was hailed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as the symbol of changing Pakistan and has been labeled by critics as the symbol of incompetence is one its kind in a unique way.

The project which was projected by the Government as the gift to the citizens of twin citizens, has now become a life threat to the citizens. The project which was completed in quick time has been popular among the public with thousands traveling everyday. Initial public response to the completion of the project was enthusiastic, however weeks after the metro bus system was made functional serious questions surfaced regarding the quality of the project. During the very first monsoon rains majority of the metro bus stations were submerged in rainwater, in addition to the submerged stations the ceilings of many stations proved to be of no use, as water dripped from the ceilings.

A month after the project was inaugurated authorities realized another fault, the lack of any safety railings on the track in Islamabad. Authorities then decided to erect a steel fence around the corridor of the Metro Bus Service in Islamabad to prevent pedestrians and motorcyclists from trespassing.

Last week a motorcycle passenger lost his life after an unfinished portion of the metro bus bridge collapsed in the Cantonment area. The incident has raised questions regarding the quality of work on a mega-project plagued by construction accidents and delays. Former MNA Hanif Abbasi, who has been appointed committee chairperson by the Punjab chief minister to oversee the metro bus project termed the accident as an ‘everyday incident’ and said that only a stone fell, not a pillar from the bridge.

A thorough inspection of the metro bus project must be conducted at the earliest.


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