Nuclear Technology and Human Survival‏

The artistic nature of human being is leading this world towards the romanticism. Yes! The approach where progresses are being judged in poetic manner. In the twinkling stars and annihilating galaxies we often see our wishes to come true.  In the moon cycles and in eclipse we associate our own desires and wishes. The whole world is a nightmare of artists. Scientists are actually the great artists of this world. The romance of these artists made us to think to conquer other galaxies. The philosophical nature and artistic approach of scientists enlightened this universe with semantic ideology.  Like an orchestrates who makes a tone with ascending rhythms and perfectly tune his equipment to sooth their listeners. Like a poet who writes his poems by perfect arrangement of words and finally compose his words in amazing manner. Scientists progress this world in similar way. They uplift the deplorable humans from the dark nights to the enlightened world. Centuries and centuries past and finally they become successful to build a road to the modern world. Right from the invention of wheel to the voyage in space, each and every step is taken by scientists to uplift this society. And the time comes when one little step becomes the historical jump of human being. Yes! The Neil Armstrong, the ever first voyager of space and historical conqueror of moon. He must not forget that the moon is conquered by scientists who made the engine to send him to the lunar soils. Then the world progressed and people became to live their prestigious lives. Now they have plenty of food and ample resources to prosper. People begin to think about renewable resources, the resources that are hidden from the view of a common man. Again scientists begin to think like artists and poets. They often create their masterpiece in their minds and portrayed in a poetic manner. They think like a philosopher and they are dreaming an energy free world. The worlds where propellers never stop, like a scientific heaven, with super conductive zones and zero gravity waterfall. The scientists are ready to draw their masterpiece at the canvas and here the news came and wrecked the whole dream of a beautiful nightmare. Suddenly they changed their philosophical plans and begin to develop iron domes and protective sieges. The romance in the poetic verses and philosophy in their thinking gone, the ruthlessness of the scientists is diverting this world back to the Stone Age. They are taking us back with their hoes from where we progressed. The sound of orchestra reverberated to become bombing sounds and the poetry is converted to the cries and grieves. Every country is planting their nuclear bombs for their protection. Every scientist is thinking to extinct the humans from this world.  The scientists are now become worthless poets and protest in these words.

When Gaza cries

Amongst the blue skies

The scientists are killing us

Like; disturbing flies

Why Ghaza cries

With their worthless lives

A stone is facing an armor tank

Babies are residing on exploding bank

We are insects of human size

We are homeless without having hives

Then you are asking me why Ghaza cries!

Yes! Ghaza cries due to the contemporary human progress in the missile and nuclear technology. Every missile is being tested on the innocent children, men and women. This is all about the scientists who brought us at the age of destruction and are continuously leading to the stone ages. I thought the previous Stone Age might be the result of serious confrontation between two civilizations. But we expect the maturity and mental progress of humans of this century. Humans are now mature enough to not destroy his neighbor civilizations as Samas and Aryans did. The evolution of men from Cro-Magnon – of having big heads and small thinking – to Homosapiens – having small heads and big brains showing us that the current intellectual state of mind is progressed enough to coup this problem nicely. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) and Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN) are representing the two great civilizations. But it is also important to keep our nuclear secrets. The close contribution of two organizations means the smart hacking of technologies. National integrity is far sacred than the talent hunt scams. Like, the multinational companies in agriculture side are actually controlling the seeds of local peasants and formers by launching the genetically modified ones. The day will come very soon when one former would force to sign the agreement to buy their seeds. On the other hand it is good to have close relations with CERN only-if we are strong enough in our intelligence. Our intelligence agencies could have chance to get expertise from the international ones. They will eventually learn how to share the information with CERN by keeping our national interest alive. This two prong strategy is fair enough to deal with the international threats.


Mudassar Shahzad

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