NP protests over allegations by Imran against CM Balochistan

‘Imran’s remarks against CM are against Federalism’ concept’


ISLAMABAD (NNI): National Party (NP) held a protest demonstration outside the National Press Club Islamabad Wednesday to condemn the baseless and false allegations of PTI’s chief Imran Khan that Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch, CM Balochistan came into power through “electoral fraud”. Similar demonstrations were held today in all cities of four provinces including Quetta, Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Peshawar where the party workers and civil society representatives condemned the Imran Khan’s allegations against Dr. Malik and in support of democracy and rule of law in the country.

The participations of demonstration mentioned that the primary motive of National Party is to build a country without exploitation that takes care of its poor and vulnerable citizens and subjugated nationalities. The party will ensure full participation of women, minorities and marginalized segment of the society in national life.

The main agenda of the party is to promote land reforms and welfare of the working people by providing free and compulsory secondary education with relevant access to health and housing.  The Party in its essence is a progressive, anti-imperialist and anti-establishment party which will establish a genuine federal system. The party has raised budget of Baluchistan of Education and Health to 42 % which is unprecedented and this is the vision inherited by National party to establish relationship between State and society, which Imran Khan must consider before issuing any statement.

Talking to the media, the National Party Punjab’s President Ayub Malik said that electoral fraud statement by Imran Khan against CM Dr. Malik is not only an irresponsible statement but is against the concept of Federalism as envisaged in the constitution. Imran has no concept of oppressed nations and its woes. He further said that this Federalism which is already fragile got a blow from Imran Khan who has issued statement without verifying the fact that Ahsan Shah the opposing candidate was already disqualified due to fake degree.

Earlier Senator Mir Hasil Bizenjo, President National Party (NP) said that Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch contested election against Syed Ahsan Shah (for whom IK talked about) was disqualified on the basis of dishonesty. At the same time, Ahsan Shah was declared disqualified by Balochistan High Court, Election Tribunal and the Supreme Court as well.

Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch is a renowned visionary politician and the first middle-class chief minister-designate of Balochistan who has introduced middle-class politics in the tribal political set-up of Balochistan, said Abdullah Dayo, member organizing committee of National Party Islamabad.

The organiser of Rawalpidi National party Khuram Saeed said that Imran Khan after retiring from cricket at the end of the 1987 World Cup in 1988, led the Pakistan’s cricket team on the wish of the president of Pakistan Zia ul Haq, but contrary to it, Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch contested the election and won the seat and became the health minister. Thus, Imran needs to unite the already divided masses by showing his political maturity and by avoiding the blame-game.

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