Non- provision of security forces LHWs to boycott polio drive

Police bust gang of dealers buying sacrificial animals with fake money

KARACHI (INP/NNI): Lady Health Workers left work in the absence of security measures in the Baldia town of Karachi on Sunday.

Polio eradication campaign couldn’t begin in the Baldia town of Karachi as lady health workers quit the work complaining that security facilities weren’t provided to them. The lady health workers protested against not being provided with the required security to carry out the polio campaign.

Dozens of health workers and police have been killed in militant attacks on polio vaccination teams in Pakistan since December 2012.

In an other development, Police unearthed a gang of four persons from cattle market of Sohrab Goth here on Saturday night who were purchasing sacrificial animals with fake currency.

According to reports, the police recovered Rs856,000 fake notes from the possession of the accused. These included currency notes of Rs5,000 and Rs1000. Police said the accused were using fake currency in the darkness of night.

The arrested persons told the police that fake currency note printing factory is located in Peshawar from where one lakh fake currency notes can be obtained on payment of Rs10,000 genuine notes.

It is worth mentioning that large number of fake currency notes is in circulation in different parts of the country and being used after making them look like old notes.


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