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Noise pollution in Pakistan

In recent days, the major cities of the country including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpandi, Quetta and other are suffering from noise pollution.

The main reason of noise pollution is traffic noise caused by buses, cars, trucks, rickshaws, water tankers and many more. A research estimated that the main roads of Karachi average noise level of over 90 dB and now it has reached around 110 dB which can be very much dangerous for the citizens of Karachi. This can also damage ears and create serious health issues including sleep disturbance, noise and cardiovascular disease. Instead being alarmed and taking action, there is no law or any policy to control the issue.

The citizens have complained about it, but nothing is done for the people. The megacities are suffering from noise pollution but nothing is being done to control the problem. I request the concerned authorities to solve this problem and protect the citizens from noise pollution related diseases.
Sana Samad

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