‘Nobody can force PM to quit, parliament to remain intact’

Ask PML-N ministers to mend their ways


ISLAMABAD: Leader of the opposition parties have reiterated their resolve not to derail the democracy and upholding the supremacy of constitution in the joint sitting of Parliament held Tuesday, they held the government responsible for committing mistakes that led to the present political crisis.

Speaking on the motion moved by the Federal Minister Zahid Hamid about the prevalent political crises, PPP senior leader, Senator, Barrister Chaudhary Aitzaz Ahsan announced that all the opposition parties support the constitution and democracy unconditionally and nobody can force Nawaz Sharif to resign. Ahsan cautioned that if the government overcame this crisis its ministers would become more arrogant.

Ahsan said parliament was unanimous in its support for the prime minister. The PPP Senator added that the parliament, prime minister and cabinet would remain intact. “It is unprecedented how opposition parties are standing with the government.”

Referring to PM, Aitzaz said that he will have to consider that his government was overthrown twice before and who was around him then. “You (PM) in a speech on 17 April 1998 maintained that you would not be resigning but tendered resignation on the very next day i.e 18 April 1998,” Aitzaz reminded the PM

Aitzaz Ahsan stressed that the government would need to change its attitude while going forward and evaluate what led to this political crisis in the country. “Can’t the ministers especially the ones from Punjab be less-arrogant?”

Emphasising that there is purity to revolutions, Ashan said according to him army personnel were well-read and the Corps Commanders were aware that the sit-ins had a low turnout.

The PPP leader was critical of the government’s mishandling of the Model Town tragedy. He said the police was refusing to listen to the government due to this mishandling. He also condemned attacks on the media saying that this was shameful for Pakistanis.

Aitzan Ahsan said there was truth to what the ‘lashkar’ sitting outside was saying as there was rigging in the elections. He added the Imran Khan’s allegations pertaining to corruption were also correct.

The impassioned Aitzaz Ahsan took the government to task, moving from parables to specifics. He made it clear that his party is continuing to stand by the ruling party at great personal cost. He said he was receiving thousands of messages from workers as to why the PPP was supporting the PML-N government while they are being victimized.

He recounted PML-N of their sins, from Model Town to administrative arrogance and urged the treasury benches to “do some soul-searching”.

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