No return till Nawaz resigns: Sh. Rasheed

ISLAMABAD, Aug 16 (INP): Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief Sheikh Rasheed said on Saturday the government never kept its pledges including the one regarding riddance from power outages in the country. Addressing the participants of Azadi March from a stage set at Serena Chowk in the wee hours on Saturday, he said it has been 65 years now that the nation was incessantly being betrayed.
 All the rulers grew up in the nursery of martial law, the AML chief asserted adding, ?We are standing shoulder to shoulder with the Pakistan Army?s generals. Pakistan?s armed forces belong to Islamic Republic of Pakistan, not to Nawaz Sharif or his family.?
Sheikh Rashed said the participants of Azadi March would not return empty-handed until Mian Nawaz Sharif tendered his resignation. 
The AML chief started his speech by praising the marchers, saying, ?He never witnessed such heightened zest and zeal ever before. I have never seen such a vast ocean of people.?
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