No one can be allowed to shutdown country: Pervez Rashid

KARACHI, Dec 04 (INP): Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid says Pakistan is committed to defend and preserve its territorial integrity, sovereignty and dignity against any aggression.

Addressing IDEAS 2014 Defence Exhibition in Karachi on Thursday, he said the Government considers it a sacred duty to defend the territorial integrity of the motherland.

Information Minister said Pakistan is a peace loving country and has no aggressive designs against anyone but cannot remain oblivious to the situation around it.

He said the Government is committed to strengthening the security forces by providing them all available resources.

He said Pakistan is pursuing the policy of non-interference in internal affairs of other countries.

Later talking to newsmen, the Information Minister said no one can be allowed to shutdown the country.

He said business community has the right to do their business and students have right to go to schools. Neither their rights can be snatched, nor anyone can be allowed to curb on their rights.

The Minister said the government has been moving in the right direction. Our economic indicators have shown progress with growing stock exchange, strengthening rupee and reduction in electricity crisis.

He said world made negative predictions about Pakistan’s economy, but the government with its wisdom proven them wrong.

Regarding the government-PTI talks, Pervaiz Rashid said if Imran Khan wants dialogue, he should change his tone. INP

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