No intention to shut down any city, says Imran

inp 11-49LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan Thursday said he has no intention to shut down any city including Karachi and Lahore but, in the same breath, urged the Karachiites to render sacrifice for one day.
According to a statement issued here, PTI supremo Imran Khan said his party will hold a peaceful protest demonstration in the financial hub of the country, adding that his party did not forcefully ask anyone to shut down businesses.
“People of Karachi can keep their markets open if they are satisfied with the security situation of the city”, Imran Khan said.
“A strike causes losses of millions to the country but PTI is set to save billions of rupees by putting pressure on the government,” he maintained.
Warning the ‘Mian Sahab’, cricketer-turned-politician said it would be difficult for him to live in Lahore, if Faisalabad episode is repeated in Punjab’s capital. Agencie

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