No freedom of movement on Independence Day

On the day of independence of the country, countrymen were bound to stay at their homes. Credit goes to the tactics of the authorities to put obstacles at all the entry points into Islamabad in the pretext of security with hidden motive to stop the participants of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Pakistan Awami Tehreek to enter into the capital for anti-government demonstration. People were watching the second by second covering of the long marches and the deployment of the police and law enforcement agencies to tackle them, leaving common people to think either they should stay at their homes or should take the risk to come out. Some reports emerged that petrol pumps were asked to not provide petrol to the consumers. Ultimate sufferers were the common people particularly those who have least interest in politics.

For the last many days people were afraid to leave their homes for going to work due to the presence of heavily armed police contingents on every major road of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Although the government accepted the democratic right of peaceful demonstration of the people but still all the entry points into the capital were blocked till late night. Common people, with no political affiliations were in miserable condition to reach to the capital.

They are most of the times are being denied by the police officials from entering federal capital on security reasons. Most of time protest rallies have left little chance for earning bread and butter for them. Government utilizing all strategies to not let protesters enter into the place of protest and ordered to the owners of petrol pumps not to provide petrol to the consumers so they would not reach to the capital ultimately. Authorities must also realise that people were facing tremendous trouble by the blockade of roads and with non-availability of petrol. Huge numbers of workers are daily wagers, they find it hard to earn for themselves and for their families as they find it impossible to reach at their work places. On the day o independence of Pakistan, our leaders must also keep in mind that in democratic country, people have the freedom of expression, movement and association with any political party. People cast vote to the political parties for the betterment of their lives, now it is the right of the political leaders to make the country a welfare state. Our country has seen the martial law for many decades, now people have the rational power and ultimately democracy is prevailing in the country, but due to the non-democratic acts of the democratic elected leaders, people would start comparing democracy against dictatorship, what is the best for them?

While dealing with the political confrontation, political parties must also feel the sorrows of common people. If we put a glance in the history of public rallies of PTI, they were non-violent, although the demands are ultimate this time, still Imran Khan pledged that Azadi March would be non-violent. Considering this, authorities should not make the lives of common people miserable and their rights of movement must not be snatched.



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