No differences with Imran Khan: Tahirul Qadri

INP 20-101LAHORE, Nov 20 (INP): Dismissing rumours of a rift between the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), the PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri on Thursday said he has no differences with the PTI chief Imran Khan.

Talking to media persons on his arrival in Lahore, Dr Qadri said the PTI and PAT leaders had been in contact even when he was away from Pakistan.

“The PAT president Raheeq Abbasi, who is in my car right now, received a call from PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi, welcoming me to Pakistan,” he said.

Giving details of his new strategy to frustrate the government, Dr Qadri said he has decided to take his sit-ins to other parts of the country.

“Our struggle is no more confined to a single sit-in but will be transformed into a nationwide movement of sit-ins,” he said, revealing his plans to hold rallies in Bhakkar, Sargodha, Sialkot, Mansehra and Karachi on November 23, December 5, 14, 21 and 25, respectively.

Speaking about investigation into the Model Town clashes, Qadri said no probe panel with Shahbaz Sharif as chief minister will be acceptable to his party.

“The Joint Investigation Team is formed by those who ordered Model Town massacre and took part in the killings — the Punjab government and Punjab police,” he asserted, adding that accepting such a panel will be equal to betraying the martyrs of Model Town.

Dr Qadri arrived at the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore on Thursday morning concluding his visit to USA, Canada and UK. The PAT chief reportedly visited these countries for medical check up as well as re-organising his party. Carrying balloons, flowers and party flags, hundreds of PAT supporters gathered to welcome their leader.

A large number of women and children were also seen in the convoy.


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