Nisar warns PTI of hooliganism on November 30

INP 19-127Says govt will facilitate only peaceful gathering

Rizwan Haider

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said on Wednesday that the government is ready to deal with any situation which may emerge during PTI’s plan to hold a massive rally in Islamabad on November 30.
He was addressing during a press conference here and said “If PTI wants to hold a peaceful rally, the government will not create any hurdle, but if it intends to create chaos, security personnel are ready to deal with it”. Nisar said that the government will facilitate the peaceful political gathering as already being done but lawlessness would not be tolerated.

He said the government and the administration will deal with iron hands if somebody tried to violate the law. He said nobody will be allowed to create law and order situation in Islamabad. “Every political party needs to have a permit from the relevant district administration before holding any public gathering,” he said. He said that Imran Khan is writing new constitution daily on the containers and playing blame game without any evidence. He said that now the people will have to decide whether they want to formulate the governments under the Constitution of Pakistan or that of given by Imran Khan.

Condemning Pakistan PTI leadership, Nisar claimed that the party leaders are preaching violence during their speeches to sit-in participants. “A law of GO GO is being projected from the container,” he criticized. He also said that the government could call the army troops back on short notice whenever they want. He also said that the forensic report of the two persons who died on August 31 have also been finalised adding, that police did not have weapons on that day. He said that one person received a bullet in foot which was directed towards head while the other person was shot in stomach from point blank range.

He further said that PTI abandoned veteran politician Javed Hashmi only because he did not agree with Khan. Nisar urged the ‘sit-ins’ leadership’ to stop blackmailing the government adding, that the government is not so weak. He said PTI leadership should decide the venue in two days for the political rally in Islamabad, only after that administration would decide the place for the rally after certain conditions.


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