Nisar should apologize to Aitzaz: Zardari

Says used to play on bad pitches; dialogue should be followed KARACHI, Sept 05 (INP): Former president and PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari Friday condemned allegations leveled by Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on Aitzaz Ahsan and asked for his apology. Talking to media persons here at the Zardari House, the former president said Aitzaz Ahsan is an asset of the party and he is proud of him. He said the PPP is used to playing on bad pitches.  Zardari said that such hate speeches should be avoided especially when there is already political tension going on in the country, saying leveling allegations must be avoided at this time. The PPP leader said his party has not done favour to the government but to itself. He said the PPP favours dialogue and only dialogue. He said the dialogue is continuing and the political jirga is doing its job in a befitting manner. However, he said, whatever happened in the parliament was not appropriate.  Zardari reminded that the PPP also condemned the Model Town incident. However, he said there should be a manner of protests. He said the current political crisis occurred due to rigid stance of the parties concerned. He said the government was also under siege during the PPP?s tenure but it appeased everyone and tackled the situation by apologizing to everyone.  The former president said he endured five years in jail during the Musharraf?s rule, but sent him back with dignity when he left the Presidency. He said it is good that the government is continuing the PPP?s China policy but lamented that continuity was not seen in the power policy. He said the postponement of the Chinese president?s visit in this scenario when he is also visiting India is worrisome.  To a question, he said the government knows better about the loopholes it faces during the current political crisis. He said the government had raised the expectations like K-2 but the situation on ground was quite contrary. He said the government should think about its 14-month performance.  Zardari said timely decisions change the destiny of nations. He said there was immense pressure on the PPP government on the issue of Syria. He said the national interest must come first. He again urged the PML-N government, PTI and PAT to resolve the prevailing political crisis through serious talks. We will not let democracy derailed come what may, he added.  INP/AK/SB=================== PM says no compromise on democracy, Constitution, law;  apologizes to Khursheed Shah & Aitzaz over Nisar’s statement ISLAMABAD, Sep 5 (INP): Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said the government, opposition and other parties are united for supremacy of the parliament, constitution and rule of law and there should be no compromise on strengthening democracy. ?I feel proud and my head is high that the government and opposition are united. I don?t care for my rule as unity and strength of Parliament is dearer to me,? the prime minister said while speaking in the joint session of the Parliament here on Friday.  Taking the floor after opposition leader Syed Khursheed Shah strongly criticized Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan over his allegations against Aitzaz Ahsan and their exchange of harsh words during parliamentary party meeting on Thursday, the prime minister described the incident as very unfortunate.  The prime minister apologized to both Syed Khursheed Shah and Aitzaz Ahsan and said he felt pain that while they were in parliament for supremacy of the constitution and strengthening of democracy, this controversy has come before the parliament. He said Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Mahmood Khan Achakzai played their role to pacify the opposition members during the parliamentary leaders meeting.  Nawaz Sharif said there is a big objective before them and let this incident be a bygone. He urged the political parties to make a solemn pledge that they will remain united for the cause of democracy, supremacy of constitution and rule of law while rising above their differences. He said all the parties have set a great example by demonstrating unity in their ranks in the current political situation and he is proud that the parliament has pursued a right course for democracy, constitution and rule of law. Nawaz Sharif said that he has no lust for power as discharging the duty of the prime minister is not a bed of roses but thrones. ?It is not easy to overcome all the daunting challenges faced by the country. It was the opposition which asked me not to resign from his office,? the prime minister reminded. The premier said the objectives of those staging sit-ins are clear to everybody. ?We are trying to address the current situation through dialogue but the protests have adversely affected the country’s image. The presidents of Maldives and Sri Lanka have already cancelled their visits while suspicion now surrounds the visit of Chinese president,? he said. He said China was to make an investment of thirty four billion dollars and now the future of this investment is also uncertain. ?We were pursuing a long-term development agenda spanning over twenty years but the protests have created impediments to it,? he said. The prime minister said that he had apologized to Khursheed Shah and Aitzaz Ahsan Thursday night as soon as he came to know about Nisar?s statement. He expressed remorse and requested them to ignore the allegations and move forward. He said they can always sit and talk over the issues and apologized again with the opposition leaders on the floor of the House. He praised the PPP and said it stood by the government in the current situation and assured of the same support in case PPP had been the ruler.  The PM then mentioned the resolution they had passed when Dr Tahirul Qadri had protested earlier in Islamabad. He said he played his role at that time of crisis for the sake of democracy and not to be paid for it or any other gains. ?I invited every leader in Lahore where we all had passed the resolution unanimously. Everyone was present there,? he said. PM Nawaz said that now there is a larger cause for which the joint parliament is here. He requested all the members of the political parties to move forward towards the bigger goal and requested not to extend the matter further.  INP

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