Mob lynching is ‘worst kind of terrorism: Ch Nisar


ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on Tuesday said that violent reaction by taking the law in hands after Youhanabad blasts in Lahore  parallels terrorism. Those who burnt alive two persons and destroyed public property will be arrested and given exemplary punishment.

Speaking in the National Assembly, he strongly regretted the burning of two persons and ransacking of public property in the wake of suicide attack on Christian Churches in Lahore. He said the suicide attacks were the worst form of terrorism but burning of two persons witnessed on Sunday is also “the worst form of terrorism”.

He said whatever happened in reaction to Lahore blasts cannot be ignored. This incident cannot be overlooked and strict action will be taken against those involved in it.

While expressing solidarity of the government with the Christian community, he said a total of 21 people lost their lives in Lahore including seven Muslims and emphasised that loss of lives of every citizen is equal in the eyes of the government.

He said the terrorists want to trigger sectarian strife and anarchy through attacks on Imambargahs, Mosques and minorities groups. It is our responsibility to give a message of unity and firm resolve in response to any terror attack.

He said the violent incidents in Lahore after the suicide blasts were intolerable and no one can beallowed to take law in his hands. In comparison he said after the mayhem in Shikarpur Imambargah and killings of Shias in Quetta, people remained peaceful and never damaged public property. He appreciated the leaders of Christian community  but said what has happened is a matter of shame for the country.

The Minister said that noose has been tightened around the terrorists and they are targeting the soft targets in utter desperation. He said overall law and order situation in the country has improved over last one and half year as a result of government’s effective policy. He said the war on terror will be won at all costs and the country will be made cradle of peace.

Taking the House into confidence on investigation into Shikarpur tragedy, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said that two major culprits of the incident have been arrested with the close coordination of intelligence and security agencies. He said those behind the incident are also on the target list of the security agencies.

The arrests depict efficient working of the law enforcement agencies, he added.

Nisar said that there should be no politics over Shafqat Hussain’s execution matter. Hussain’s clemency appeal was rejected by the then president Asif Ali Zardari, he added.

He said that no political party raised its concern over Hussain’s execution orders until now. Nisar said that the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) had sentenced Hussain to capital punishment.

He asked the political parties, having reservations over the matter to provide the Interior Ministry with a proof that Hussain’s age at the time of conviction by ATC was wrong in the papers. He said that no record of Hussain’s age has surfaced. Hussain would be hanged on March 19 in accordance with the law, he added.

He said that he has recommended DNA test of Hussain to determine his actual age but the Sindh government in a communication did not agree to it on the ground that the Curts have already given their verdicts. He said the authorities could not get the birth certificate of Shafqat Hussain and according to jail record he was 23 years when put in Jail in 2008 while the Jail doctor determined his age at that time at 25 years.

Later, the members regretted the attack on Christians saying those involved in these attacks should be arrested and their cases handed over to special trial courts.



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