Nine Zero raid

The recent operation on the headquarters of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) by Rangers has raised more questions than it has answered. The raid resulted in the arrest of a number of convicted criminals, the Rangers forces also claimed to have seized weapons stolen from NATO containers. The raid was vindicated because of the weapons found and the arrest of the wanted criminals.

The MQM issued a clarification soon after the raid that the weapons seized are all licensed weapons; moreover the party also said that the criminals arrested were arrested from the surrounding areas and not the MQM headquarters.

Pakistan People’s Party categorically condemned the raid by Rangers, the fact of that matter is that maintaining law and order is the primary duty of police. It is the failure of the police department due to which the Rangers were given charge to carry out an operation in Karachi, on which there was a consensus among all parties. The condemnation of the Rangers raid by political figures is baffling indeed. Rangers who are under the control of the Ministry of the Interior are a national asset. Condemning and in the process maligning them for doing their duty is something beyond comprehension.

It has to be understood that it was the failure of the police in Karachi that the Rangers were called in and now that they are doing their duty they are facing criticism for it by few political parties. The MQM, just like any other political party is also an asset of the country, their grievances should also be removed. But all political parties should unify in support of efforts by military, paramilitary and other law enforcement forces to get rid of criminal elements. Political parties should come forward and denounce any criminal elements in their parties. The Government’s resolve to cleanse the country from terrorist elements with an iron fist is also commendable.

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