New Year: More responsibilities

We have witnessed some very tragic incidents in the month of December, but today we have entered into the New Year with more responsibilities. On the blank slate of 2015, we would like to offer some resolutions for the perfect ending of this year.

Towards the end of last year, we as a nation emerged united to defeat the monster of terrorism. Combating the extremism is the top priority of the country. It is a good omen that all the political parties are on the same page and National Action Plan has been formulized to deal with the terrorism. In the New Year more political wisdom is required to bring the peace and stability in the country. Politics of reconciliation requires avoiding politics of dharnas as we have seen the marathon sit-ins in the previous year. We hope that elected representatives would use their energies for the welfare of the masses.

Political parties should keep brushing aside all their differences and work united to redress the grievances of the masses. They have to work day in and day out to bring stability. There is no scarcity of challenges that include lawlessness, unemployment, less health and medical facilities, increasing illiteracy rate and list goes on. We must also ensure a peaceful and tolerant society to avoid tragedies like Peshawar and Kot Radha Kishan. Policy makers must also sit united and take remedial measures to curb the increasing extremism in the society. We hope that politicians will fulfill their promises and would take successful measures to put an end to the crisis of electricity and gas shortage.                                                                         We wish that this year would bring stability and prosperity in all aspects of life, but to achieve that all the stack-holders must prove their mettle.



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