New govt and foreign policy

July 30, 2018

The victory speech of the prime minister-elect Imran Khan has been widely called as mature, balanced and encouraging by political observers and analysts and the common public. The victory speech of Imran Khan has generated immense positive response from all the sites. In his speech Imran stressed that he wants improved relations with all neighboring countries, including India and Afghanistan.

Soon after the Imran Khan’s speech, neighboring countries welcomed his words and expressed in positive posters. The Indian government officially responded over the general elections in Pakistan and expressed hope to work constructively with the new government of Pakistan in a bid to bring peace, stability in South Asia. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar welcomed the results of the elections in Pakistan and said, “India desires a prosperous and progressive Pakistan at peace with its neighbours.” “We hope that the new Government of Pakistan will work constructively to build a safe, stable, secure and developed South Asia free of terror and violence,”.

Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani congratulated Imran Khan and said “We both agreed to overcome the past and to lay a new foundation for a prosperous political, social and economic future of both countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan,” He also invited Khan to visit Kabul.

Meanwhile China also expressed pleasure over the successful general election in Pakistan and reiterated its readiness to work with the new government to promote greater development of the all-weather strategic partnership between the two countries.

Imran khan has a huge responsibility to bring all Pakistanis together in order to make country stronger and respectful in the world. Showing its strength and harmony with its neighbors on the basis of mutual significance; that seeks friendly relations with all countries including the United States on the basis of mutual respect. Keeping in view that Pakistan’s core national interests are territorial integrity and sovereignty; socio-economic development; the resolution of the Kashmir dispute.

Saudi Arabia and Iran have also congratulated Imran Khan for thumping victory in the elections and expressed desire to further improving bilateral ties. It is also a developing statement by Imran Khan that he vowed to play mediatory role between Iran and Saudi Arabia to end the ongoing troubles in the Middle East.


It is hoped that new government will bring comprehensive foreign policy aimed at strengthening ties with all countries.