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New CM Punjab

Pakistan Tehreek-in-Insaaf (PTI) leader almost unknown to the public eye, Usman Buzdar has finally been elected the much-awaited position of the Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab ending the rule of Sharif family in their heartland after 10 years.  Usman Buzdar, belongs to the tribal area of Barthi in Dera Ghazi Khan, became 20th CM of Punjab after obtaining 186 against PML-N’s Hamza Shahbaz, son of former Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif, who secured 159 votes.

The nomination of Usman Buzdar has taken many by surprise because the former CM, Shahbaz Sharif, has set a very high pattern to fulfill the role, however, the fact that Usman Buzdar’s political background is lesser known and he has a fresh slate, and it is hoped that the selected chief minister will perform as per to the requirements of the role and will deliver as per the party manifesto and expectation of the citizens.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan personally prefers Usman Buzdar due to, as Khan says, middle-class status and the fact that he has witnessed the problems of the people first hand. Imran Khan is of the belief that a person like Usman Buzdar is going to perform because he has witnessed the pain of the nation along with them.

People at present are extremely upset by the mainstream politicians. They want to see new faces in politics to serve, and to make them believe that a significant change is taking place in the scenario of Pakistani politics.

Usman Buzdar will be a stirring scene in the Punjab Assembly, although a lot of responsibility lays on his shoulders because Punjab is important for Pakistani politics. It will be a big test for Usman Buzdar to switch Punjab into a PTI centric region. It is also known that even understanding the politics of this province alone requires a lot of political expertise.

PTI will face a lot of pressure, particularly with its strategy to field new candidate for CM Punjab. On one side Usman Buzdar has to be proficient in lobbying, handling the pressure from the opposition parties, while as whole PTI too has to deliver the manifesto of the party.  It is hoped that the new faces in the political scenario will bring about a positive move.

Usman Buzdar needs to perform and deliver as per the party manifesto and expectation of citizens.

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