Negative effects of social media on youth

December 16, 2016

In the last few years, we have seen an explosion of social media and networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace etc. especially, the children cherish this new and high-tech way of remaining connected with friends and meeting a new people. However, it’s also important for parents to keep themselves aware of some of the negative effects of these sites, and how to protect and their children against them.

The statistic all tell the same story: Social media are gaining in popularity every day. The average time spent on social networks per day was 1.72 hours in 2015.The average number of hours a teenager spends online per week was 27 in 2015. One of the negative effects of social media or network is it lead to addiction. Spending countless hours on the social sites can divert the focus and attention from a particular task. The kid using Facebook or other social media sites are greater risk of suffering from the hate speech in online interaction people with different identities may easily indulge in the hate speech or disrespectful behavior. The more time students spend on social sites and less time they spend in socializing in person. The overuse of social media affects the mental as well as physical health; students do not take their meals on time and take proper rest.

I agree that limiting social media usage greatly increase focus on present. Just last week I realized that I could live better if I stop taking a peek at other’s garden and take care of mine instead and so I did, I deleted the app on my shortcut list, and as a result I spend less time on cyber stalking people.

Maryam Iqbal Warraich
Student of MSc Media and Communication Studies
International Islamic University

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