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Nawaz vows to ensure sanctity of votes; Law of Necessity dismembered Pakistan

LAHORE: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that top priority of the next PML-N government would be to ensure respect to the sanctity of vote and he would do his utmost for the attainment of this objective.

“Votes of people should be respected and sanctity of ballot must be maintained for putting the country on fast track of progress and prosperity”, Nawaz told media after visiting Mazar-e-Iqbal to offer Fateha and laying floral wreath. He criticized the decision of the apex court to oust him.

He said if the sanctity of vote was respected, the country would not have been divided in two parts and East Pakistan would have been with us by leading the development. He said that the circus being played for last 70 years should be shunned now, saying  otherwise it may harm the integrity of the country.

He said that Pakistan was created through the power of votes, but after the sad demise of Quaid-e-Azam and Shaheed-e-Millat Liaqat Ali Khan the country was de-tracked which led to the dismembering of Pakistan in 1971. He said: “we learnt no lesson from Dhaka Fall and the disrespect of people mandate and votes continued even today.” He said that democracy was the name of respecting people votes and their choices. The former PM added that had they respected the sanctity of votes, they would have not seen this day.

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan was not treading the path of democracy that was set by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. However, he added, time has come to bring Pakistan on the path of progress. “On the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan we have to vow to always respect public’s votes.”

Nawaz Sharif said it was sea of people that travelled with his carvan from Islamabad to Lahore at GT Road as people had seen lot of development during his four year rule and he saw light and hope in the eyes of the youths. “The people have the realization that the country is moving forward on the path of development and progress,” he added. Nawaz Sharif said the verdict in the Panama Leak has badly impacted the economy of the country. Nawaz maintained the independence of Pakistan cannot be celebrated with fervour as the country is detached from an essential part that belonged to it. He said Pakistan would have been moving towards development at a faster pace had Bangladesh still been part of the country.

Nevertheless, Nawaz said, his government fulfilled the promises they made. “We could see a storm of people who accompanied us to Lahore,” he said. “They had not come for nothing, they could see prosperity coming to Pakistan and that their basic necessities were being fulfilled.” The former prime minister said they did the progress work during the four years of their tenure. “A year was left to go in which we would have done more – we were also planning to bring down the rates of electricity and provide people with affordable justice.”

He said his priority would be provision of cheap and speedy justice to the people after the next elections. If needed, they will make constitutional amendments and make new laws  so that the cases are decided in days and weeks and not at the present pace where cases of  days of grand father are being followed by the grandsons. The government would also provide legal support to poor people who cannot afford to proceed with the cases. He said they would also ensure provision of cheaper houses to the poor people.


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